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Tried to use this gag gift, dog laughed at me!

By Cameron T, 09/15/2014

Had never heard of the “Bark Off” until a buddy of mine gave it to me as a gag gift (he knew I was having fits with my new pup). The box had a funny little picture of a puzzled… Read More »

If it’s too good to be true…IT IS

By Clem, 05/17/2014

I had previously seen the Personal Microdermabrasion System online for around $200 and was planning to buy it when I could afford it. So when I saw an ad on TV advertising the product for only $14.99 I just had… Read More »

Scam to the max

By Barbara Barker, 02/28/2014

I ordered a total of four Haute Polish Light Kits for friends and family. Out of the free polishes I ordered, plus the extra polishes, which totaled 21, I received only two polishes I actually ordered. After many hours over… Read More »

Is Haute Polish Bait and Switch?

By Donna Jerzerick, 12/08/2013

I watched 4 Haute Polish infomercials last night. They were advertising their polish kit with additional bells and whistles for $59.95. When I called at 4:30 a.m., they told me that that it was $14.50 for 30 day trial and… Read More »

The Ped egg kept me in bed for days!!

By Arianna, 10/05/2013

Yeah, I know the title reeks of sensationalism…but it’s true. Being a mani/pedi junkie for all my like, I though I’d try out some at-home treatments and the ped egg came highly recommended. Bought a whole little set and started… Read More »

All it did was slice up my wallet

By Kelvin E., 07/23/2013

The sliceomatic might just be the most poorly engineered kitchen appliance ever made. I like to slice up a lot of different veggies/ingredients as entrees. Specifically, I was hoping this would help me prep potatoes and cucumbers. Considering they showcase… Read More »

Works WAY better as an accessory

By Kat, 07/10/2013

I got a set of iRenews as a gift and was actually kinda looking forward to using them (my sister has been raving about hers for months, wanted to find out what all the fuss was about). I have the… Read More »

Bark off is hacky mind control, dog training is the only way to go

By Nate, 05/27/2013

Bark Off has been pegged as the ideal solution for all dog owners like me to manage and stop the pesky barking of our beloved pet. I have a cute dog that is perfectly sociable but he takes to barking,… Read More »

There’s a learning curve but it’s well worth it

By Sheila Cebenz, 05/27/2013

I’m a fashion enthusiast so when there’s anything in vogue, I have to own one. I also like to experiment with a variety of ideas surrounding clothing and accessories and the BeDazzler makes for a nice companion. The BeDazzler is… Read More »

Migraines still strong as ever with the mypillow

By Justin Solano, 04/23/2013

After yet another bout of intense migraines, I was up watching TV….I know, NOT the best thing for a pounding headache but needed to take my mind off the pain. I’ve tried everything to control them: aspirin, massage, acupuncture, meditation,… Read More »

» The Five Most Common Infomercial Scams
When you come across that must-have product on TV, there's a real chance it could turn into a dud, either immediately or soon thereafter. First things first though. What is a scam? For us, it's defined as a situation where the item fails to deliver by any meaningful measure. That is, it has very few redeeming qualities and it's difficult to comprehend how the manufacturer green lit it and worse, decided to tout ridiculous claims in an infomercial. Here, we'll list a few of the most common unsavory practices: Inferior engineering With infomercials, you know going in you're probably not getting top-of-the-line quality and parts, but it better be capable of a) surviving at least a few uses and b) not breaking or have little functionality right out of box. In most of those cases, manufacturers make a very conscious decision to use inferior materials in order to maximize their per-unit profit. Turning a healthy profit is fine and dandy, but it should never compromise the base integrity of the product.... [Read More]

» Buying Tips
Infomercials aren't all bad, but evident from the volume of submissions we receive, issues can and will arise. If it's a faulty product due to inferior engineering or foresight, there's not much manufacturers can do to defend it. As a consumer, though, you do have ways of protecting yourself before taking a financial hit.  Here are a few tips to help improve your success rate: Research before you order Sure, everyone likes the spontaneity of buying something cool and landing a good deal.   But, after you've been burned, you might want to save yourself the time and annoyance of having to return a product by doing some quick research on the web.  If you get that buyin' feeling while watching an infomercial, jot down the phone number and search for the product name here or google its reviews. If there's an unusually high percentage of complaints, give it a second thought. You're buying the product, not the extras Too often, we hear folks getting persuaded into buying based on the bonuses tossed in (usually near the end of the spot... they know you're on the fence!).... [Read More]